52 weeks of Ryleigh–Week 1

Each week I will be writing a post to share with everyone on how Ryleigh is growing and changing through out the year. This is week ONE.












Sleeping: Right now Ryleigh is sleeping roughly twenty hours a day… maybe even a little more than that. She cluster feeds from about 9:30pm-11:30pm, then goes to sleep around midnight. She wakes up some time between 3-4am to nurse then almost immediately falls back asleep til 7-8am. We tried swaddling with aden+anais muslin but this little girl HATES being swaddled!And she is most happy sleeping on my chest but I try after each feeding to get her to sleep in her Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper.

Eating: Ryleigh has been nursing like a champ from the first time she latched on. She rooted around on me and her Daddy while in the operating room, and nursed for 25 minutes perfectly as soon as we were in recovery. She goes roughly two hours between nursing sessions. I love listening to and watching her nurse… can’t help but adore those milk drunk smiles when she falls asleep.

Diapers: We are using Pampers Newborn Swaddlers because Ryleigh’s umbilical cord is still hanging on. We are hoping to switch to cloth once she gets a little bigger, right now she is too small for any one-size diaper.

Thoughts from the big kids: Travis and Sophie literally smother Ryleigh in hugs and kisses. They always need to kiss her, hold her, hug her. Anytime Ryleigh cries, Sophie tells whoever is holding her that she needs to “eat your booby”, it’s so funny!

Places She Went: Ryleigh went for her newborn photo shoot and to Target.

Other Random Stuff: My mom came and stayed with us for Ryleigh’s first 8 days, THANK GOODNESS for her! She was such a huge help and I cried when she had to go back home to Florida. It made me realize how little help we actually have here and how I’d love for her to move closer!


She’s here!!

Our newest addition is here, she’s absolutely perfect and fits into our family wonderfully!!

Ryleigh Anne
2/17/14 at 1:11pm
8lbs 3oz
20 1/4 inches long


5 more days!!

In exactly 5 days from now I will be holding my newest little girl! She can come before then but seeing as I’ve had two prior c-sections my hospital will not allow me to carry her past my due date. She is measuring in the 99th percentile so we are expecting our biggest baby yet, ultrasounds can be off but I will tell you I’ve never had a baby take up this much room in my belly before! I’m so excited to meet her, see what she looks like and know that she is healthy and safe. I will be updating as soon as possible after delivery so be on the lookout for photos soon! For now we are enjoying these last few snow days as a family of 4 and getting final things done!

My oldest son turns 7 today!!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy ever! He is the kindest, most caring, smart, funny, handsome guy I’ve ever met. He has taught me so much in the last 7 years, could never explain to him how much joy he’s brought to my life. I just wish he’d stop growing up so fast!


2 weeks or less

Our newest little bundle will be here in TWO weeks or less!! Where in where did the time go!!!??

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