Our Elf on the Shelf Adventures

So as many Americans we have an Elf on the Shelf (no not the one with a plastic face, my kids were creeped out by it so we got a plush!). I love the whole idea of the Elf and really enjoy seeing what he gets into and the excitement on both my kids faces, even my 18 month old daughter looks around for Jack (our Elf).  Here are a few photos of the adventures Jack has gone on since Thanksgiving!
261439_186463078161415_256877620_n 32308_186673788140344_2015939790_n 75255_187139731427083_315014135_n 182339_187930128014710_1281956815_n 483530_188391661301890_262136128_n 205202_189804971160559_903609779_n 12181_190172564457133_1101873915_n 25024_190534167754306_1123534388_n 222305_190887744385615_120161995_n 481504_191459907661732_454514079_n 65046_192473597560363_574155948_n 184493_193753740765682_1382013724_n


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