Kids and Sports…

My son, 5 1/2 years old, has been playing Little League Baseball for 2 years! Some of his friends are going to be playing football this fall, but I really want him to continue with baseball since he is getting so good! I really don’t want to hold him back but I don’t want him to get frustrated with starting a new sport. He still loves baseball but both sports can’t be played at the same time so he has to pick one… Parents how do you handle this?


Ughhh I hate sippy cups!!!

Sophie loves her new sippy cups but I hate them!! Before I tell you what kind they are I will show you the email that I sent to company with my complaint…

I have bought 6 of these cups for my 12 month old daughter, 4 of the insulated ones and 2 non insulated. To put it kindly they are AWFUL! No matter what liquid I put in them, water, juice or milk, the liquid dribbles out of the top of the straw when it is sitting on a flat surface. Tonight, I have had it. I filled up a cup with water (something it should be able to handle) and put the lid on as it is supposed to be and sat it on the kitchen counter so that it would not be disturbed, what do you know I came back 5 minutes later and the entire cup of liquid had dribbled out all over the countertop from the top of the straw. I am very disappointed in these cups as they are not cheap by any means and my daughter loves the straw feature but unless this can be made right by ********** I will have no choice but to post a negative review of these cups on my blog and switch to a different brand. I look forward to hearing from someone very soon. Thank you.

I am waiting to hear back from them and I will let you know what happens. If they do not make it right I will let you all know what company it is and what cup!

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