Loopeez Review!

Loopeez is a shoe tying aid that helps kids learn how to tie their own shoes!

So what are Loopeez you ask! They are a rubber oval shaped disc with two holes in it, sounds simple right?! But it is amazing! My 4 year old son learned to tie his shoes in one day! They come in many different colors and designs, here is the one my son picked, typical boy!

They also include these really clever two colored laces that help kids determine right and left and to help be sure they are crossing the loops in the proper way.

Loopeez are an ingenious teaching aid and I especially loved how they allowed smaller children the chance to enjoy the independence of tying their own shoes without the frustration of being unable to master the more difficult method. I think Loopeez would be a great choice for children of about three and up and are a definite confidence booster. As an added bonus, they look so cool!

Buy them here, you wont be disappointed and neither will your kids!!

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Biddy Belly Review

When my son was a baby he HATED tummy time, as most babies do! I tried everything to get him to do the required amount of tummy time and it was a struggle every day. He would scream and absolutely hated it. When my daughter was born I started her from the very beginning with tummy time and she didn’t care for it but didn’t seem to hate it as much as my son. When she was a few weeks old I contacted the owner and developer of Biddy Belly , Robin, and she was amazing! She sent a Biddy Belly to me and it was here within just a few days! I was so excited to try it out 🙂 Let me just say this is the BEST thing ever!! My daughter loves Tummy Time now, I just wish I had it when my son was a baby.

The innovative design is perfect. It is nice and long for lots of use as my daughter grows. The toys are in the right place for good hand placement. The legs and removable bolsters prevent my daughter from rolling off. The nose has this crinkle material in it so it makes a crinkle noise when touched, I think this is my daughters favorite part!! The cover is super plush minky and is also removable for easy cleaning! Does it get much better than that?!  I CANNOT say enough good things about this product!

If you or someone you know has a baby who hates tummy time, order one now! They are super affordable at $39.99 or $43.99 gift wrapped! What a great present for the new baby in your life! The holidays are right around the corner!!

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