Our Visit to Stone Mountain, Georgia

So this past weekend we visited Stone Mountain State Park in North Georgia, this was our second visit but the first time it was freezing cold and snowing so we didn’t get to do a whole lot. This time though was a whole different story! We had a BLAST!

We started our day by checking out the kids ropes course, my son LOVED it!


They had a whole ropes obstacle course set up for kids, it was amazing and I really wanted to try it. They did have a ropes course for anyone over 44 inches tall but I was not even going to try a ropes course that ended with me 4 stories high in a harness 🙂 My sons favorite part was the zipline at the end!

Then we rode the Swiss cable cars to the top of the mountain and got some excellent views!

 Then we headed over to the train that goes around the mountain and it was nap time for my two little ones, but my husband and I enjoyed the train!


After the train ride my son insisted on putt-putt, that was quite the experience! LOL I was horrible but he was pretty good when he wasn’t caught dropping the ball into the hole! Sophie laughed the entire time we were golfing!


We truly had a wonderful day and made lots of memories! What are some places that you enjoying going with your children?!












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